Sunday, 20 February 2011


A small zine for Brighton ZineFest
Jesus versus John Lennon / Ghandi versus Mother Teresa Soul Caliber style. 

Thursday, 17 February 2011

A pickle 'Pickle'

A birthday card for my dad. The 'joke' is that our family dog is called Pickle (and amazing by the way, so this is Pickle made out of a pickle, a pickle 'Pickle'.

Monday, 7 February 2011

YCN Brief - Fedrigoni Paper

Printer's Mark 02
Printer's Mark 01
I've been working with my friend Mike Nunn on a current YCN brief for Fedrigoni paper.  We're starting to explore the strength and toughness of paper rather than its fragility.  We thought shooting it might be quite fun. We shall see where that takes us.

Beautiful Things No. 2

This 'Shorty' retractable pencil by Worther Baden-Baden is another beautiful thing of mine. It has a 3mm soft lead so make my writing look scrawly in a fantastic way.

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Beautiful Things

I have been looking at Dieter Rams' design writing recently, I'm starting to pick up on simple beautiful objects that surround me. I think this is starting to feed into my current project.

Friday, 4 February 2011

BACKDATE - November 2010 - JIZZ

Jizz 01
Jizz 02
Jizz 03
After friends surprised me with a lovely zine about penises for my birthday, we all decided to add to it and took it into the London 'Handmade & Bound' zine fair. I produced it by laser printing on recycled dalum paper.

Thursday, 3 February 2011

BACKDATE - January 2010 - Mapping Phone Boxes

Mapping Brighton Phone Boxes 02
Mapping Brighton Phone Boxes 03
Mapping Brighton Phone Boxes 01
Mapping the phone boxes of central Brighton and collating their information, I have created a map/information sheet of their information and comparing the drop in numbers of phone boxes versus the rise in mobile phones.

BACKDATE - November 2010 - Batch Production

Batch Production 01
Batch Production 04
Batch Production 02
Batch Production 03
A series of five pop-up books retelling elements from Star Wars: A New Hope. I was drawn to how the interesting film language George Lucas chose to use in the original Star Wars films could be translated into a book. The use of wipes, fades and other transitions that don't get used much in others films inspired me to make these.

BACKDATE - November 2010 - Typography / Speech

Typography / Speech
Taking a short section of speech, recorded speaking from reading a Scandinavian phrase book, the aim was to represent audible nuances through typography.

BACKDATE - October 2010 - Sequences

Shakespeare Comedies 01
Shakespeare Comedies 02
Through exploring the idea of sequences, I wanted to approach the old Shakespeare text I acquired. Gathering statistics about all the plays, I wanted to suggest an alternative way to presenting them. The graphs aimed to give a possible insight into each play's main six characters by charting the amount of speeches against the amount of words used throughout.

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

BACKDATE - October 2010 - South Downs Signage

South Downs Signage
A project set to investigate different signage that could be used on the South Downs. I looked at using tall masts on specific hilltops, giving information about the area and creating goals and meeting points for a walk.

BACKDATE - September 2010 - Brighton University Open Day 2010

Open Day

A submission for the University of Brighton, Faculty of the Arts Open Day 2010 poster. I worked with my friend Jonathan Taylor.

BACKDATE - August 2010 - Finding a Grid

Finding a Grid
Finding a Grid, page 2
Finding a Grid, page 3
Finding a Grid, page 6
Finding a Grid, page 7

One of our first projects set in the second year of Graphic Design at Brighton.  We were set to find grid systems within a location and document text about the location that related to the area. I chose to use song lyrics that I had been listening to at the time of photographing, that suited the area in content or mood.