Saturday, 17 July 2010

I'm thinking of selling and making small sketchbooks and notebooks to sell online, possibly from Etsy and big cartel.  I have been trying out a few different styles of binds and covers etc.  This one is a Japanese Punch Bind, bound with the standard linen thread which has a pretty nice contrast against the cover.  It's made with single sheets rather than folios (folded pages), so is a bit like a perfect bind with no glue.
This is a more standard three-hole bind of folios.  It opens a lot easier so I think would work better for a sketchbook if someone wanted to lay it out flat to draw in.  Both books are using a 160gsm paper, which is more on the sketchbook quality. 
If anyone wants to buy one before I have opened an Esty shop, feel free to email.

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