Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Happy 1m?

I have decided to look at an issue each day and am making a piece of work about it. These could be major world issues, those within our society or personal issues.

I've always been very interested in the changing state of North Korea, it seems alien to our society in many ways, being so closed off from other countries and often treating it's citizens in appalling ways.

In the news yesterday, it was mentioned that the one North Korean 3G mobile phone company was about to register its 1 millionth user. Only 4 years ago people were sent to prison camps or possibly executed for owning a mobile phone. Although it is great news for the people of North Korea that they have new methods of communication with one another, my image aimed to highlight the bitter/sweet nature of the news. Their mobile phone system is still closed off from every other country, unable to dial in, or out, they are still a heavily controlled people.

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